Art&Show has established itself in the field of tourist entertainment thanks to the high-level services that provides to the facilities it works with and to the customers it entertains every year.

A careful attention to details, to innovations, to the emerging market needs, and to the recruitment of each professional tourist entertainer is the ground to reach the goals we set, and to keep the reliability and stability that distinguish us from other companies.

Each Art&Show’s tourist entertainer knows that one of our main goals is to engage every guest with the several activities organized within the tourist resort in order to enrich their holiday with memories and new experiences.


The Art&Show’s ideal tourist entertainer loves to get in touch with the guests and to share with them the day, filling it with joy and good humor but without being intrusive: a happening, a game on the beach, a sports tournament, a boat trip, the evening shows and many other activities.

The work of tourist entertainer engages the whole day but allows you not to live a boring life, exploring new places and making new experiences away from home: that’s why deciding to work in the world of the tourist entertainment with Art&Show requires independence, responsibility and the ability to adapt. In this way, you can get to know new lifestyles.

We recruit entertainers with different roles to join our team: entertainers with contract, sports entertainers, professional dancers, entertainers for children, and many others.

For this reason, each tourist entertainer must have several specific skills but also general characteristics including:

  • Great communication skills and interpersonal relationship abilities
  • Ability to cooperate and work in team
  • Knowledge of foreign languages: English, and preferably German as a second language
  • Love being in contact with children and guests of tourist resorts
  • Be sociable and cheerful

Art&Show always strives for ensuring its employees the essential serenity to work well together:

  • We provide Italian contracts
  • We offer a higher salary compared to the average of other companies operating in the tourism sector
  • We offer board and room-included FREE training internships
  • We offer regularly paid monthly salaries
  • We give the possibility to learn a lot and work year-long thanks to our collaboration with Viva Wyndham Resorts
  • We stage shows and musicals with settings, costumes, and choreographies at a theatrical level

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