The company Art&Show has been a benchmark in the national panorama of the tourist entertainment for years. In fact, Art&Show has been dealing with entertainment for almost 40 years, ensuring high quality collaborations and services to tourist facilities, guests and employees.

The goal of the entertainment team is to create unique moments of fun and to cheer up the days without ever being intrusive.

Art&Show offers its tourist resort entertainers the possibility to work both during the summer and the winter season, covering different tasks: from the management of recreational sport activities, to the entertainment for children and teenagers, and the participation and organization of high-level evening shows.



Working as a tourist entertainer means enthusiasm, but it’s also a job that requires independence and the ability to adapt to explore new places, travel, discover different lifestyles, and live extraordinary experiences.

For the summer season of 2022, our team widens with new tourist entertainers. To work with Art&Show in tourist resorts high doses of happiness, communication skills are necessary, together with:

    • knowledge of languages (English and/or German)
    • interpersonal skills with people of all ages
  • the ability to work in a wide, young and dynamic team

Our company’s seriousness and professionalism are not proved only by the several collaborations with tourist facilities throughout the world, but also by the guarantees we offer to our employees, including:

    • possibility of personal growth and to work even in the winter season
    • totally free training internships inclusive of board and lodging, also for the first-time tourist entertainers
    • contracts complying with the Italian law, with a higher salary than the average in the tourism sector
  • monthly and regular payments

To participate in the casting just fill the online curriculum (ink lavora con noi) or send your CV with attached photo to our specific e-mail address: selezioni@art-show.it indicating one of the following dates:

    • Saturday 2nd March 2019: Milan
    • Saturday 9th March 2019: Turin
    • Saturday 16th March 2019: Roma
    • Saturday 23th March 2019: Padua
    • Tuesday 13th April 2019: Bressanone
    • Thursday 6th April 2019: Milan
  •  Martina Franca


    • Aged above 18
    • availability to work for at least 2 consecutive months
    • disposition to easily establish interpersonal relationships
    • aptitude to life and team work
    • stress resistance
    • knowledge of foreign languages: English and/or German
  • first experience accepted

If your resume will be interesting, we’ll get in touch with you shortly to explain how to start your adventure with the Art&Show’s team and participate in the Training internships

All casting dates of summer 2022

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